We had a really great string of shows to celebrate our new album.  It started off at The Crux in Boise with a Halloween event to also benefit TRICA (Treasure Valley Institute for Children's Art).  Lots of fun costumes and great sing a longs.  We'll definitely be back soon Boise.  Next, we were off to the California border where we stopped in the capital city of Sacramento.  Here we visited one of our favorite schools for a performance and book-reading.  We LOVE performing for the kids in schools.  We usually do a split program of an Author/Illustrator book reading then we rock out with the kids and even include them in the process of song writing!  It's always so much fun.  We think it's so important and essential for young people to see actual HUMANS making music and singing in front of them... and with them of course!  It's really wonderful to be part of some of the first experiences some of these kids are having.  It's almost magical.  Thanks!  

After our school stop, we played a few more shows in Santa Barbara as part of the New Noise Festival, Ventura and Los Angeles!  All of them were a blast and we're starting to collect some awesome collaborative drawings from every show.  I know we'll find something great to do with them!  

AuthorShanti Wintergate