Since the release of our children's book, I Went for a Walk, we've had the absolute pleasure of visiting, performing and bringing our Author/Illustrator program to almost 40 different schools across the country.  It's always a moving experience for us and we always see the tremendous positive impact it has on students, teachers and staff.  We have files full of amazing thank you letters, drawings and notes from students, teachers, librarians and parents that overwhelm our hearts.  We are always looking for opportunities to share what we do and who we are to kids everywhere.  If you are a parent or educator and you're interested in booking us at your local school please Contact Us!  We'd LOVE to hear from you! 

Here's a shot from our most recent school visit where we performed an entire interactive Play Date set.  With the help from an amazing staff and an extraordinary music teacher, these students had some of the best rhythm and musical talents we've seen to date!  We were so impressed and can't wait to visit again!

AuthorShanti Wintergate