Ninja Pajamas

I’m getting tired
Yeah me too but I’ve got my Ninja Pajamas
Yeah, Yeah I got some too
Let’s do this

Gonna sleep sleep sleep in my Ninja Pajamas
Dream real sweet in my Ninja Pajamas
I look so neat in my Ninja Pajamas
Until the sun until the sun comes up again
until the sun comes up again

I got a kung fu grip and everybody knows
you sleep in pajamas not in your clothes
My Ninja pj’s make me invisible which means
you can’t see me but if you want
You can be just like me be just like me be just like me
With my Ninja pj’s by the bedside I put em on, I get quiet inside
I feel the strength of a silent mountain
my love’s overflowing like a great big fountain
Bed time’s here now I’m at peace
deep with myself and the world’s heartbeat
See you in the morning maybe in my dreams
I’ll be there in the cosmic stream


Some think Ninjas are only boys
but I know better yes I know better
Like a cat in the night sometimes I take flight
jumping high and low so silently I go
Side to side around upside down
I always land with my feet on the ground
I stay centered thats how I do it
calm my mind let my fears unwind
Girls got style girls got grace
girls got a Ninja suit made out of black lace
And just like water I go with the flow
I’m all Zen from head to my toes


Ninja pajamas Yeah Yeah Yeah Ninja Pajamas

When its bed time I get ready for dreams
action adventure stealth and speed
Bedtime snack then I brush my teeth
then I dress what does my imagination reach
Ninja pajamas easy as a walk in the park
cuz ninjas aren’t scared of the dark
Ninjas love shadows now I do too
because ninjas like me know sweet ninja moves
Night light too so I sleep with ease
off to dream land where I feel the breeze
I battle dragons and climb the trees
and spy on the pirates who sail the seas
Doing all kinds of cool ninja stuff
doing sweet flips swinging nunchucks
Til the sun comes up and I open my eyes
I have the greatest dreams
And thats why I’m gonna sleep


AuthorShanti Wintergate