We are always so happy to be in McCall almost ANY time of the year but summertime really takes our heart.  The sun is out, the air is warm in the day and cool and crisp at night, the lake and rivers are warm enough for a refreshing swim, the mountains always perfect for a hike and town is bustling with energy of people from all over the world.  We are lucky enough to call this place home and we're even luckier that we have a community that supports what we do.  We played an extended set at our favorite little community theater The Alpine Playhouse to a packed house of excited, creative, enthusiastic, huckleberry picking families.  We love that there's an active theater and music community in this town and we want to make sure it continues so we donated 20% of ticket and merch sales to The Alpine for this event.  I think we'd like to make this summer show an annual tradition if we can and hopefully, we's way too much fun!  We were lucky enough to include our new friend DJ GLADWELL to the mix who plays a great mix of family-friendly music and gets the kids moving and ready to rock.  He also teaches a DJ workshop in Boise at The Boise Rock School.  Fun stuff.   Anyway, we just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to you McCall!    

AuthorShanti Wintergate